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Dane Trethowan

I’m sure if they stock Denon then they’ll have no problems sourcing that machine.
I would add that you would find it most beneficial if you have an IOS or Android device so you can take full advantage of what these AVR receivers have to offer.

On 3 May 2019, at 3:14 am, Mike Barnard <9988mbarnard@...> wrote:

Thanks, I really appreciate your help. There is a place Audio Classics, about 40 miles from me in Binghamton, Ny. Do you mind if I send your email to them, so they can find out if they can get the amp?
Mike Barnard

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If you’re looking at surround then perhaps look at the Denon AVR-X series.
I have the Denon AVR-x3400H though this is a discontinued model now and has been replaced by the AVR-3500H.
I mainly use an iPhone App to access my unit or use the Heos App to do likewise.
The AVR-X series has a HTML Interface if you would prefer to use that.
The AVR-X1500H is the base model as far as I’m aware and that is a 5.1 channel system.
From there you go into 7.1 and 7.2 channel status and - given what you’ve told us - you would probably only want the AVR-X1500 given you have 4 speakers so you can add an additional centre channel and sub-woofer when you’re ready.
Note than an App can be purchased for IOS and Android to facilitate auto calibration of the Amplifier and the connected speakers. I manually calibrated my setup.

On 3 May 2019, at 2:32 am, Mike Barnard <9988mbarnard@...> wrote:

I have a Dennon I believe a BR 1321 amp and it isn't that accessible. I
remember someone writing they had that amp and got a newer model and it was
much more accessible.

I am wanting to upgrade, mostly so I can use the amp better.

I have 4 speakers, set up for sound surround,. I use both Hdmi, Analog, and
coax inputs.

Any advice would be appreciated.

Mike Barnard


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