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Mike Barnard

Thanks, I really appreciate your help. There is a place Audio Classics, about 40 miles from me in Binghamton, Ny. Do you mind if I send your email to them, so they can find out if they can get the amp?
Mike Barnard

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If you’re looking at surround then perhaps look at the Denon AVR-X series.
I have the Denon AVR-x3400H though this is a discontinued model now and has been replaced by the AVR-3500H.
I mainly use an iPhone App to access my unit or use the Heos App to do likewise.
The AVR-X series has a HTML Interface if you would prefer to use that.
The AVR-X1500H is the base model as far as I’m aware and that is a 5.1 channel system.
From there you go into 7.1 and 7.2 channel status and - given what you’ve told us - you would probably only want the AVR-X1500 given you have 4 speakers so you can add an additional centre channel and sub-woofer when you’re ready.
Note than an App can be purchased for IOS and Android to facilitate auto calibration of the Amplifier and the connected speakers. I manually calibrated my setup.

On 3 May 2019, at 2:32 am, Mike Barnard <9988mbarnard@...> wrote:

I have a Dennon I believe a BR 1321 amp and it isn't that accessible. I
remember someone writing they had that amp and got a newer model and it was
much more accessible.

I am wanting to upgrade, mostly so I can use the amp better.

I have 4 speakers, set up for sound surround,. I use both Hdmi, Analog, and
coax inputs.

Any advice would be appreciated.

Mike Barnard


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