Re: Apogee One Plus One Microphone and Apogee Jam Plus Audio Interface

Tim Noonan


The Jam is recently released and is quite a bit more expensive than the Plus, both are regarded very good for audio quality.

Because of the release of the JAM - which has in-built compression capabilities - places other than the Apple Store have the Plus at much better prices now!

They both work on PCS, Macs, iPhone and iPad and have a headphone out for live monitoring.

The Jam includes a more solid mic stand, a wind shield/pop filter and carrying case.

The reduced price of the Plus makes it a pretty good buy for the quality. I've been considering purchasing one of these, but haven't done so yet. I'd like a wind filter/pop guard, but that doesn't come with the Plus.

Note this is a mic for recording spoken word or some instruments.. It is only mono.


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On 17 Apr 2019, at 10:50 am, Merv Keck <blind5sparrow@...> wrote:

Does anyone have any experience with the Apogee One Plus One Microphone or
the Apogee Jam Plus audio interface? According to the Apple store, both are
available now for both my iPad Pro 2018 and my iPhone. I was looking at them
for my iPad Pro and was wondering about accessibility.

Thanks in advance,


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