Another audio editor for the Mac

Dane Trethowan <grtdane@...>

I’ve found another audio editor for the Mac called Twistedwave which is incredibly accessible and easy to use plus you get great value for money with the Lite version which I’m using now.
Firstly the App uses cursor keys to get about so you would use say home to get to the beginning and end to get to the end of the file.
Left and right cursor keys move you through the file whilst up and down cursor keys change the length of that movement.
There are facilities to fine tune your selection and navigation.
For example the user can type a specific time at which to place the cursor in the file or use the selection editor to fine tune the beginning and end points of a selection.
Plenty of keyboard shortcuts exist and all can be edited to make the learning kerb a little easier if required.
Recording facilities are provided allowing recording from multiple inputs as well as punch-in recording.
Extra channels can be added to a recording though I’ve not explored this feature as yet but will certainly do so.
Twistedwave has an effects menu so the user can either use the provided effects or add their own efforts, VST and 64-bit are all supported.
Plenty of generation options such as tone generation, speech generation etc are also provided which is a nice convenient touch to any audio software.
My only complaint at this time is the lack of audio formats supported but that’s probably a restriction of the Lite version.
Sop long as a Lossless audio format is supported then I’m not worried as I have other tools to convert to such formats as FLAC and anything else outside the standard formats used on the Mac by apple.
The lite version of Twistedwave costs $30 from the Mac Apps Store.

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