Re: GoldWave Issue with Differing Times Between Versions of the Same Content

tim cumings

Danny, can you open the m4a files in goldwave. If so, save them as wave files, and then convert them to mp3 files.

On 4/13/2019 2:00 PM, Danny Miles wrote:
Hi Guys. Apologies in advance if this message doesn't make
sense...Please let me know if you need to clarify anything.

So, I've got some M4A files that are very long and which I need to
convert to MP3. I've tried to do this with NCH's Sound File Converter
but, as the files are around 26 hours in length, I found that the
whole of the files were not being converted (The converted files had a
duration of around 12.5 hours, even though the conversion software had
reached 100% of its assigned duties).

I then thought of cutting up the files into smaller parts using
GoldWave and converting them into MP3 files while saving the new
versions. This has, in theory, worked...Each separate file plays.
However, the collected durations of the four files that make up the
original recording add up to approximately 1.5 minutes to 2 minutes
less than the total duration of the original file. The only thing that
I can think of is that, after saving the files as MP3s, GoldWave keeps
asking whether or not I want to update the sound window. I have always
said yes but, for an unspecified reason, it has occasionally said that
it is impossible to do so. This has left the file saved but,
presumably, without the sound window being updated. As I don't know
what it means by updating the sound window, and as the first few
seconds of each recording play in Windows Media Player as I would
expect, I assume that no damage has been done to the original content.
However, if no damage has been done and no alterations have taken
place, I don't understand why the duration of the individual file and
the cumulative length of the four files added together do not amount
to the same total. Am I potentially missing part of the original
material (I would prefer to not have to listen to all 26 hours of
content to check it) or is something less problematic going on here?

Sorry for the strange question...Any thoughts and experiences will be
gratefully received.

All my best, Danny

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