Re: FM Transmitter Problem

Geoff Eden

Tom, if you have carrier but no audio, then you need to explore the path from audio into your transmitter.

If your technician was messing with your audio, there is a strong likelihood that a cable was left unplugged, or put into the wrong receptacle.

You can test this by plugging something independent into the transmitter. If you have a cable that would go from a portable radio, let's say, to the input on the transmitter, then you can test it easily.

Easy for me to say! You think?


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From: Tom Kaufman
Sent: Tuesday, April 02, 2019 4:39 PM
Subject: [all-audio] FM Transmitter Problem

Hello list: I seem to have developed a problem with My FM Transmitter that
I got back in 2004; this afternoon, I had to have my speaker system replaced
(should have had the guy check to make sure that this transmitter was still
working) he had assured me that it was independent of the speakers (which
actually does make sense) but now I find that, although the transmitter is
throwing a carrier, it's no longer transmitting! There is no way I can get
to where that thing plugs into the computer! So what must I do to make this
thing transmit again? Although I don't use it as much as I used to, there
are some applications where I do need to have it working as there are a
couple of things that only come via the computer! If anyone has any ideas,
feel free to pass them along! The guy actually is coming back as I am
having the power switch replaced on my computer tower; am hoping it's just a
simple thing like maybe something got disconnected! But if this were the
case, I would have no carrier.correct? Anyhow thanks for any help or info
that you can offer!

Tom Kaufman

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