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Howard Traxler <howard@...>

Well Now:  Thanks guys.  I took out the Winamp I was using (5.3 something) andinstalled 5.66 again.  Now everything is working like it should again.  It still doesn't grab focus when it starts, but I just alt-shift-tab to it and it's fine.



On 3/18/2019 10:49 AM, JM Casey wrote:
No, I think it has to do with the direct sound output plugin. Experiment with the settings in the configure dialogue.

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Barry again, Under output, I have only three plugins. disk write, direct out, and wav out. Under wav out I get a dialog when I press configure. The volume contol is checked but it still doesn't work. Maybe I should reinstall winamp. I'll try the later one again. I want to set it so the stop and pause does not fade. I used to get that and volume control with arrows but maybe my winamp got corrupted? Do you think that's possible?

Thanks again.


On 3/17/2019 8:52 PM, Barry Chapman wrote:
Hi Howard,

Try the following.

1. Press ctrl+p for preferences.
2. Arrow up or down to Plugins. If it is closed, press right arrow to open it.
3. Arro to Output.
4. Assuming you are using the Nullsoft DirectSound Output plugin, tab to configure and press space.
5. Tab to the current tab name (e.g. device, Buffering, Fading or Other).
6. Arrow to the Other tab if not already there.
7. Tab to Enable volume control and ensure that it is checked.
8. Tab to OK and press enter.
9. Tab to Close and press enter.

See if that helps.

Barry Chapman

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Hi All,

I'm using an older version of Winamp because I thought Win10 migh keep
it in focus while playing. It does not.

My question: When I move to the window that Winamp is playing in, the
up and down arrows do not control volume level any more. I think it
used to work, but now it don't. What did I do wrong? Any ideas/suggestions?



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