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Brian Olesen

Hi Dane,
It's about the same. In fact there is not much difference with the 2 loutspeakers.


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Sendt: 18. marts 2019 09:28
Emne: Re: [all-audio] Samsung Galaxy S10

I know with the S9 that loud volume is.. well.. exactly that, loud, 70% of volume is more than enough for me.
The S9 can distort ad volumes around 90% so I wonder when distortion kicks in with the S10?

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HI dane,
I have the S10 plus and I love it. It has a more rich full sound than the iPhone, but you should take care not to krank the volume all up. If you do so it will kind og distort.


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Sendt: 18. marts 2019 00:38
Emne: [all-audio] Samsung Galaxy S10

Opportunity knocked so I answered and should have this very soon.
I’m looking forward to the audio side of things with this device and to see if Samsung have made any improvements in the quality of the internal speakers.
I have been using Samsung phones regularly since the Samsung Note4.
I then upgraded to a S6, skipped the S7, upgraded to a S8 and I’m using the S9 now.
With every upgraded Samsung have leapt forward in huge bounds with regards to the internal speakers of the Galaxy devices, even the Samsung Galaxy S3 all those years ago would give a lot of phones available now a good run for their money the it comes to sound from the internal speakers.
The Samsung Galaxy S9 was the first Galaxy phone I am aware of to offer stereo internal speakers which seem to be pretty standard on most premium phones these days.
The Sony xPeria X-Performance phone I owned before getting the Samsung S9 certainly had stereo speakers with a great sound to boot.
I still use IOS as well and have been using an iPhone 8 for the last 6 months, a huge improvement on sound quality from the iPhone 6s I had been using.
Anyway I’ll let the list know what I find.
Perhaps others have the S10 or have heard it?

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