getting the key into Sound Forge 12

Curtis Delzer

I am having much difficulty  getting the serial number into SF12Pro64. There is so many undecipherable characters, and though I can get any screen reader I have to say "activate with serial number," and "run as demo, and  "why register," I cannot get it to do anything after I paste the bleeping serial number into the program and then press "activate . . " or, even paste the serial number into the program and then press "active . . "

Any of you have a secret way, with screen reader or will I need to get some eyes on this project. (not easy to do since I have no monitor for the PC at all.)

THANKS I've activated all my sound forges beforehand, beginning with sf5 when it was Sonic Foundry.


Curtis Delzer
W B 6 H E F
Rialto, CA

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