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I’m eying Soundcloud myself but I probably won’t bother with it as I already have a Dropbox plan that gives me 2TB of space and with the “Smartsync” functionality I can choose what to have available locally.
This means that - if I should choose to make content only available online - I see the files in the file list but they’re not actually stored on the device I’m accessing at the time.
So what are your plans for your historical data? It might be cheaper to set up a small server rather than use the cloud if you’re planning to share your clips etc with the public.

On 8 Mar 2019, at 4:06 pm, frank cuta <cuta@...> wrote:

We have some historical audio material associated with our organizzation
which I would like to find a home. However, it appeared to me that , like
dropbox, whenyou die and the money stops coming n that your recordings on
sound cloud also go away. Unless I can get confirmation that this is not
the case I am going to pass on sound cloud.

However, I have not found anything better yet.


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I'm considering an account with Sound Cloud given the increasing amount of
clips and samples that I'm capturing using various pieces of recording

Up till now I've been using Dropbox though as the amount of clips increase
so does the struggle to keep things organised.

Has anyone used Sound Cloud before? Sound cloud seems to be the obvious
solution to my problem though there may be other solutions out there.

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