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what is the rf power for the tx?
from the ross meister

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Yes Tom, you're doing it the way I would. With the control on the transmitter all the way up, set your sound card output just a bit less than distortion. That's probably all you can do. I don't know if there is an adjustment in the transmitter for deviation. If so, that might be the next thing to try.


On 2/24/2019 11:11 PM, Tom Kaufman wrote:
Yes...using the volume control on the side of the transmitter. Now when you say " driving it harder from the soundcard" do you mean "turning up the system volume (or speaker volume?" Since the boom box that I keep in the kitchen has a considerable amount of volume (more than that little ole clock radio I keep in the bathroom) I can make it work! But if I'm in the bathroom and am using that clock radio to listen to while I'm in the shower, sometimes it's harder to hear it (and the volume control on the clock radio is as loud as it can go!
Tom Kaufman

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Are you using the volume control on the side of the transmitter; as
opposed to just driving it harder from the sound card? Mine seems to
have less volume, also, but it has been tollerable.


On 2/24/2019 9:38 PM, Tom Kaufman wrote:
Hello list: I have one of those transmitters that came from C-Crane running
through my computer in order that I may listen to something that is on my
computer in another room. Here of late, I have found that I can't quite get
the volume that I feel I should get (this is not to be confused with signal)
it still will transmit the signal all throughout the house just as it used
to; the problem is, if I try and get it to where the volume is of the same
level as any other radio station, I have distortion (makes the s's sound
like they might sound if you have an AM" station tuned slightly
off-frequency! Is there anything I can do to alleviate this problem? It's
to the point where.let's say I'm listening while I am taking a show (I have
a little clock radio in there that I sometimes will listen to) but while I'm
in the shower, I have to have that radio turned up all the way (this didn't
used to be and I don't understand what has happened; why it is that the
transmitter is not allowing me to give it the volume it needs! Now this
transmitter is one I got in 2004, so maybe it is simply that it is "wearing
out" anyhow if someone knows of what the problem may be, please feel free to
put it out here? Am running a Dell computer and I think the soundcard is a
Realtech, if this info is of any help!

Thanks for whatever info you may have!

Tom Kaufman

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