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The B&W speaker is around 4 inches high by 6 inches from left to right and 3 inches from front to back.

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Sorry to only get back to you now but I was away for a while.

Problem is I am looking for something small with a good sound.

My wife will be carrying it to school she is a teacher. She is quite small.

How big is the B&W speaker?


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An interesting choice but perhaps a rather costly one.
You're going to have to buy 2 of these speakers if you want stereo sound and
that's probably fair enough from B&O's point of view as you'll get good
I'm still using my B&W T7 which I bought nearly 2 years ago.
I'm looking at the B&O review now.
The author complains that the B&O Bluetooth speker isn't watertight? Well I
don't give a damn about such things, I'm only interested in the audio
quality and not marketing gimmiks.
The B&O supports APTX which is great but not so important if you're planning
to use the device with a piece of Apple hardware and I truly wish this would
The author of the review I'm reading makes a point of mentioning the looks
of the B&O speaker? Again that's something that doesn't worry me so long as
I get good sound and preferably good enough sound that makes my speaker
stand out from the pack which this speaker does it seems.
Before you rush out to buy one I do suggest that you look at some other
speakers such as the B&W T7 or the Keef Muo I think its called.
The B&W T7 is a stereo Bluetooth speaker with surprisingly good separation
and sound given the size of the device and as you already have a B&W system
you will pretty much have some idea of what the T7 sounds like.
The Muo has to be paired to get stereo sound.
Anyway just my thoughts.

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Hi folks

I am in the market for a small portable Bluetooth speaker

During my research I came across the B&O play a1 which had good reviews. I
have a lot of respect for this company and I was wondering if anyone has any
experience with this speaker.



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