Zoom F8n Recorder and Zoom F Control App

Dane Trethowan <grtdane@...>

Wonderful stuff.

Here's a Youtube clip showing how the F8 Controller App can be used with the
Zoom F8n.

The Zoom F8N is an excellent audio recorder that has been discussed on this
list for quite some time and hello to my fello user of the F8N and my
sympathy to those who can only dream about owning one of these fantastic
units at this time, don't worry chaps you'll get there eventually as I've

Anyway back to the point of the controller App.

I'm making an assumption that the App will be at the very least parcially
accessible as most IOS Apps are these days so assuming I'm right? Well the
App at the very least will give us easy access to some of the menu system
which can be access through the front control panel of the recorder but you
do have to remember the menu layout.

Anyway we'll see as I have to yet install the Bluetooth add-on.


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