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frank cuta


Looks like it does not speak the range that is selected. Since I rarely
take mine off of DC volts its not much of a concern. I will probably
record a pen friend label listing all of the other ranges in order but I
don't expect to use them much except for perhaps capacitance and resistance.


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I beg the pardon of the list and don't know what I was thinking of when I
wrote that eMail.
Now for the interesting question.
On just examining the web page again I'm curious to know why a note has bee
added suggesting that this item is not suitable for Visually Impaired users?

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Hi Dane,
You didn't look good enough my friend.
It's only $ 40. Grin


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Hi there and sorry for the late reply.
I've had a look at this meter and my own personal view is that $400 is one
hell of a lot to spend on something like this.
I bought a Bluetooth Multi Meter from an Australian supplier called Jaycar
Electronics and this does me well enough.
I use my Android phone along with the downloadable App which does a number
of things.
Firstly you can double-tap on the screen to have a voice readout or set this
to automatic mode, the App uses Google TTS Engine or whatever you have set
as a default TTS engine.
Second the App creates a log which you can upload to Dropbox or Google Drive
so you can keep track of the measurements you're making or add notes if
The cost of this meter was $130 Australian.
A quick search on Amazon reveals quite a few Bluetooth Multi Meter tools
which may be useful or in fact be the same as the one I'm discussing here so
its up to the buyer I guess to do some testing and to return the unit if it
can't be used.
Thanks Frank for passing this information on to the list.

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Subject: [all-audio] New In Stock Talking Multimeter

I can't review this because I just learned about it but at $40 I am
certainly going to byte.

Subject: New In Stock Talking Multimeter

Talking Digital Multi meter 35042 TE

Stock No: 35042 ME

Order directly from here or call

There is a video you can listen to on this page.

Talking, High tech. 10 function, Backlit, 3-1/2" digit hand held meter with
1" LCD display.
True RMS/Average Measurement Selection
Includes 9V battery, test leads, instructions Fuse Overload protection.
CE listed; IEC 1010 Cat III-1000V Compliant
1: To Turn OFF Voice; Press and Hold (~3sec.) "TRUE/AVG" Button
2: To Read Frequency: Select 750VAC Range- Press"HOLD/SELECT"
3: To Turn on Backlight: Press & Hold (~3sec.) "HOLD/SELECT" Button
Backlight will turn off after ~10seconds
4: Meter is Auto Off will turn off after ~20min SPECIFICATIONS DC VOLTS &
Volts: .2,2,20,200,1000V
Accuracy: .5% + 3 Counts on 200mV-200V
.8% + 10 Counts 1000VDC
Current: 20uA, 2mA, 20mA, 200mA,10A
Accuracy: .8% + 10 Counts on 20ua & 2mA 2% + 30 Counts on 20mA-10A AC VOLTS
(RMS/AVG) Frequency Response: Sine/Triangle: 40Hz-1KHz Other Waveform:
Volts: .2,2,20,200,750V
Accuracy: .8% + 5 Counts on .2-200V
1.2% +10Counts on 750V
Current: 20mA, 200mA, 10A
Accuracy: 2% + 30 Counts
Ranges: 200,2K,20K,200K,2M,20M Ohms
Accuracy: .8% + 5 Counts on 200 ohm
.8% + 3 Counts on 2K-2M
1% + 25 Counts on 20M
Ranges: 20nF, 200nF, 2uF, 20uF, 200uF, 2mF, 20mF
Accuracy: 3.5% + 20 Counts on 20nF-20uF
5% + 10 Counts on 200uF-20mf
Frequency: (Select 750VAC Range- Press"Hold/Select" Button Diode Test:
~3-4VDC open circuit
hFE: ~1mA test current
NCV: "Near Field AC" Beep Rate High for near/Low for far
L: 7-1/4" W: 3-1/2 T: 1-7/8" WT: 1.2

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