Winamp with my Windows 10

Milton Ota <mota1252@...>

Hello Listers:

I'm using Winamp 5.8 Build 3660 on a windows 10 system, and playing a m3u playlist file with a series of mp3 files in the playlist file.

I'm trying to get winamp to play through all the mp3 files one after the other and not keep repeating the currently playing mp3 in the playlist.

What I want is all the mp3 files to play in order that they are listed and when it reaches the last mp3 file it will repeat playing the entire playlist over again.

I found the keyboard command R to turn repeat on/off but that is only either repeating the currently playing track/mp3 file in the playlist or it will only play the currently playing mp3 file from the play and ends once the cut is finished.

Is there a keyboard command that I'm missing? Or, is there a command to just repeat the entire m3u playlist file?

Also, is the version of Winamp 5.8 Build 3660 still in beta and does anyone know when the final release will be available?

thanks for all your help in advance.

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