Re: An external power source for the Zoom F8N


Hi again Dane.

This is the adapter that Zoom recommends and sells:
"DHC-1DC-HIROSE to AC Adapter "

If and when you get around to buying a couple of them, would you kindly consider buying a couple for me also.

I'm also looking for the smaller of the 2 Sound bags produced and sold by Zoom, The • PCF-4 Field Bag.

I've already got it's bigger brother, but with a Guide Dog, it's too big.

I can pay whatever with a Bank Transfer or whatever. Don't really know what to do with my 8 bag though!

Very best wishes.


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I’ve just got the Ravpower out for a charge.
I have plenty of things to test the Powerbank on before hooking it to the Zoom F8N and even then I’m still looking for that adapter but first things first and that’s to see whether the Powerbank is still operable.
I’ve used the Ravpower in the past to power all sorts of things, everything from radio sets to `notebooks, musical keyboards etc.
Sorry I can’t really help with your microphone problem though I’m sure I’m going to run into a few of these sorts of issues myself in the future.

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Hi Dane.

There you go my friend, simple when you learn how eh! I've got the code for the Hirose adaptor which is sold by Zoom if this helps.

There is so much information on the Zoom website, it's a pity I didn't ask you earlier for their URL.

As for me I'm hoping to go for a power-pack around 14 volts, nice and safe and then I need to look again to my microphone solutions. The latter will be the most dificult I'm afraid as I hope to be using my Field recorder as a field recorder which will include indoor pub/podcast situations as well as climbing the hills of Scotland or doing a site seeing tour of the buskers in Glasgow. So I'll need 2 different types of microphone solutions.

Let us know how you get on with the power-pack, it will save you a fortune on batteries.

Very best wishes.

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Subject: [all-audio] An external power source for the Zoom F8N

I found a solution to this problem quite by accident.
Andy had sent the list a link to a discussion on external power sources for the Zoom F8 which - in the main - was also appropriate for the Zoom F8N.
I took note of the various batteries suggested and was making plans to purchase as soon as as I could, that is until I went through one of the bottom draws of my filing cabinet and discovered a Ravpower variable voltage Powerbank that I had completely forgotten about.
This beauty should do the trick of powering the Zoom F8N quite nicely given that it has a voltage range from 9 to 20 volts.
The bank also offers 2 USB ports so charging a mobile phone as well as powering the recorder is possible.
I need to get an adapter to fit between the Powerbank and the recorder and thanks to the useful information provided in the discussion I shouldn’t have any problem doing that.
So things have been made incredibly easy for the external supply and thanks again to Andy for passing this on.
When I have the system up and running the power will come from the external supply when away from the AC mains.
When the supply is exhausted the recorder will switch to the internal AA battery supply so the question will be just how long the Ravpower Powerbank will last?
As a footnote the Zoom F8N can be powered from external power from any voltage between 9 and 18 volts.

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