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Dane Trethowan <grtdane@...>

Thanks for capturing this.
The only differences I can see between the F8 and F8N are the way the AA batteries are installed and the voltage of the connector.
With the F8n the input voltage can be up to 18 volts.
As far as the batteries go the F8N takes the same amount of AA batteries - 8 but they directly fit into the recorder rather than slide in and out on a tray.

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Hi Dane.

Have a listen to this link. It's all about the Zoom F8 and alternative power sources.

I don't think that there will be any difference between the F8 and F8N.

Download link:

Speak later.


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Yes I too am looking around at external Powerbanks for the Zoom F8n and
there’s no doubt that they are battery hungry or can be might be the better
way of putting it.
If the Zoom F8N is working at full throttle - that is to say you’re using
192KHZ 24-bit recording on 2 SD cards - then you’re only going to get around
4 hours out of a set of Alkaline batteries, even less for Rechargeable I
would imagine though I’ve no idea how long with the Lythium batteries I
Back to the Powerbank, you can use any voltage between 9 and 18 volts and
have the recorder switch power supplies if if the voltage of one power
supply hits a certain threshold.
You might for example have the recorder switch to internal batteries if the
Powerbank you’re using slips below 12 volts, at least then you have some
backup and can stop recording proceedings at the earliest opportunity.
I don’t know what sort of warning one gets when the power supply switches or
the voltage becomes low.
Surely the display would show something but that’s pretty much useless to
I know one can enable a low battery tone in the settings -I think its
enabled by default - so perhaps you may hear that.
Yes it is a shame that we two seem to be the only happy users of the Zoom
F8n in the blind community perhaps. Bare in mind that I had to save for 6
months to get my kit and you probably dreamed about owning a Zoom F8n for
just as long as I did <smile> so with that in mind both of us have done
extremely well and even more so considering we both are familiar with the
wonderful Zoom H6 recorder.
Let me know how you get on with your search for your external power supply
though I think you’ll probably find what I have.
I found the power banks as I stated above so what needs to be done now is to
find the connections required and do some assembly.
Thankfully the manual of the Zoom F8n shows you what connections need to go
to what.
Again hardly helpful if you can’t see the diagram.
All the same though at the very least we have something to give our sighted
friends to lend us a hand.
I didn’t buy a sound bag and I talk about this in a subsequent eMail.

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Hi again Dane.

It looks very much like both of us are the only people on this list with a
Zoom F8N!

That'sa great pity as we could both benefit with more members with this

I'm getting on very slowly Dane. I still have my Zoom H6 as a back-up,
but I suppose I'll be selling it off to another member shortly.

As yet I still only have my Zoom H6 clip-on's - the XY and the right angle
to work with.

I'm still trying to get the help I need to use my BSM Binaural
microphones on my machine for street recordings.

Shortly, I'll be looking for a couple of Sure 57 microphones, stands and
cables, for recording bands etc.

You were talking about batteries. I've decided not to use batteries as
these would be too expensive.

I'm going to get an external power supply with the Herosi , Erosie,
Parding the spelling, to run my machine for over ten hours. These are not
too expensive and will save you spending all that money on batteries.

You did not say yet if you also purchased a sound bag. If you did, which
one and do you like it?

Very best wishes.


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So I take it you now have your Zoom F8N in some sort of working and
recording order, how do you find it? I can’t put my F8N down.
The F8N is the most wonderful recorder I’ve ever used though I still have
fond memories of the H6 and I don’t forget we all started somewhere
before upgrading <smile>.
I’m trying to find some external power banks I can use with the Zoom F8N.
I also bought some Lythium batteries fro the recorder a couple of weeks
Lythium batteries have a long shelf life and are much lighter than
alkaline batteries whilst giving more power.
To be clear here I’m talking about Lythium batteries and not Lythium-iron
The Lythium cells I bought come in the AA size at 1.5 volts each cell.

On 18 Feb 2019, at 5:06 am, Andy via Groups.Io
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Hi Dane.

Thanks for that link. I'll check it out this evening.

Dane, when you got your Zoom F8n, did you buy a sound bag?

I got one and it's far too big and I'm aware that there is another
smaller bag but I cannot find it. That's why I'm planning to wright to
Zoom direct!

Keep the chin up and happy recording.

Very best wishes.


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