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JM Casey

So, it's not coming from your speakers then -- it's skype actually transmitting the sound from your system.
Sounds like a skype setting has to be changed. I don't use skype currently and haven't for years, but Zoom has something similar -- it's a checkbox that says "broadcast ssystem audio" or something like that.

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Thanks for answering.

No the sensitivity of microphone has not changed.

As I hope I mentioned, before the latest Windows, and my screen reader, Jaws, updated, within the last 2 weeks, When using Skype, meaning having it on, and having another window open, if I was talking with you, there was a setting that if made, you could not hear what was going on in that second window. Again, meaning, If I were playing poker in another window you could not hear it.

Right now, you hear everything coming from my screen reader and keystrokes. Not good. Not this way before.



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