Help needed for strange problem

Morey Worthington

Morning all..

What I am using is:

Windows 10 desktop computer with version 1809

Desktop  USB Samsong Go Microphone

Real Tech Desktop speakers (really do not like headphones)

Newest bill of Skype (8.238)

Real Tech Built in sound card, which has recently updated

Now my problem...

If I have Skype running and in a conversation, my desktop microphone is picking up all sounds coming from speakers, meaning all my keyboard sounds and sounds of whateever windows that are open. Meaning if I were typing this message to you and Skype were on, you would be hearing everything going on.

Hope this makes sence.

When in the last versions of windows, and probably Skype, and maybe even the Real Tech Drivers, I could have Skype on, and you could not hear anything but you and I speaking.

Any thoughts on how to turn this off?

In the Skype settings, The microphone setting, and those of Speakers are correct and working properly as I made a test call and all is well.

Sorry to be so long-winded, but had to get across my problem as best I could...I hope.

Any help appreciated


         Morey Worthington

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