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Hi Dane and list.

Further to my last message a few weeks ago when I advised that I had secured the assistance of my local bar maid to describe the layout and functions of my Zoom F8N, and that I had also secured assistance in setting my device up by the Radio Operations Manager at BBC Radio Scotlands flagship at Pacific Quay.

Well guys all went very well indeed.

I recorded the bar maid on my old Olympus DS50, so I can return to that as often as I need. The BBC engineer's visit was slightly later than planned and I simply forgot all about making a recording! Shame that.

Anyway Dane. You were right, the functionality is laid out very simply and very tactilly and like you said, it's going to be a piece of cake.

Although I was wanting him to set up 24 bit WAV at 192, he recomended against this and droped to the standard of 40 or 48. He stated that the human ear really could not tell the difference. I just wanted it because it was there.

After he asked me of the kind of recording I did, he recommented that tracks 1 through 4 should be on microphone and tracks 5 through 8 Line in.

Anyway I couldn't argue with a sound engineer of our capital radio station, haha.

Anyway it's all done now and I intend to use my old X Y and Side angle microphones to plug directly into the device for desk-top or table-top recordings.

But it's a Field Recorder so I want to get out and about in the streets and record things, so the clip-on microphones will be of little use as the device will be in a sound bag.

So I'm looking for a good microphone that I can attach to my jacket.

I would love to use my BSM Binaural microphones for this but I don't know exactly how to do this. Obviously I'd need an adaptor to take the small plug up to quarter of an inch. But would I need Phantom power turned on, on that channel?

One thing is for sure I cannot walk through the streets of Glasgow with a guide dog on my left, a sound bag hanging from my right and me holding a microphone out in front of me. This is why I like the BSm 9 Clip on microphones.

Any advice regarding how best to use my BSM binaural microphones out of doors or an alternative type of body microphone that anyone can recommend would be very helpful.

Very best wishes.


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I’m not laughing and I’m very lucky I guess in that I’m curious and I get some sighted assistance every now and then to give me a hand.
Firstly the Zoom F8N stands on 4 rubber feet which are placed on the bottom of the recorder so you know where the bottom is by the feel of the rubber feet.
The top is easily identified by 4 slotted screws that hold the recorder into the rack mount.
There is a handle on each side of the recorder so when the recorder is standing on its rubber feet these each handle will be protruding from either side of the recorder.
The display of the recorder therefor is on the front left with the control panel taking up the rest of the area on the front panel.
On the left hand side you have tracks 1 through 4 as XLR/TRS inputs along with the 2 SD Card slots and the multi function USB port.
On the right hand side you have tracks 5 through 8 XLR/TRS inputs along with the external power supply socket mini XLR out sockets, a sub output socket and the headphones socket.
On the back from left to right there is the Zoom Capsule connector which has a cover over it, 2 sockets which are for Time syncing with a video camera and so on and the 9 volts DC power socket for the supplied AC adapter.
At the bottom on the recorder at the back in the centre is the screw to you losen to remove the battery compartment door so you will have to turn the recorder upside down to insert batteries.

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Hi Dane and list.

Regarding my Zoom F8n, I managed to secure the assistance from the BBC Radio Scotland's, radio Operations Manager today by phone and I'm delighted that he is willing to set up my Zoom F8n for me.

This is fantastic because I don't know anyone up here in the wilderness of Scotland who could help me out.

So I'm meeting him a his work in 2 weeks time and although the setting up should be simple for him, I'm still very unsure of the device I've purchased.

I'm hoping to get my local bar maid to describe the recorder and it's buttons and also the Zoom bag that I also purchased and of course I've also got Youtube.

But I really got to ask Dane this silly question.

I've unboxed my Zoom and it looks as though it stands on it's left side vertically, however the rather large and clumsy Zoom F8n bag I purchased will only take the device laying on it's back.

So how would anyone see the display on the right edge if it's in a bag?

Dane, I'm sure will be having a good old laugh at me, as I've had the device for about 3 months now.

So please dane, be gentle with me, hahaha!

Very best wishes.


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