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Ah cool. Yeah 8 tracks I think it was the 100 could do. But oops, only 2 XLRs. I never did understand the wind thing. I didn't realy mind that much as had I got 1 like I do with the H6 I'md mostly use my awesome Audio-Technica AT-8022. Yeah the line in thing. I remember you saying the line in on the LS-100 was awesome. I don't know how line in sounds on the 100 though but from Neal's demo of his keyboard the H6 Line-in audio especially if you use the 4th inth jacks in the XLRs is pure epicness.

On 1/26/2019 2:21 PM, Dane Trethowan wrote:
The first thing to be said about the LS-100 is its lack of inputs so that really stuffs the multi track idea up completely, what's the point of a multi track recorder with 2 inputs? The Zoom H6 is more practical with 6 inputs.
Second I was never able to successfully navigate the multi track Interface of the LS-100 whereas using Multi track functionality of the Zoom H6 and F8 recorders is an absolute breeze in comparison.
Yes I used the Olympus LS-100 for quite a few tasks as I've detailed on this list.
These tasks included sampling Vinyl and I've also said that if you're into sampling vinyl then the LS-100 would be a great choice for that sort of thing rather than sampling directly to your computer.
The microphones of the LS-100 sound very nice but as Neal and others have said - and I say -, recording outdoors is a real problem as wind gets through the sockets of the recorder so - even if you have a wind screen fitted - you will get interference from wind noise.

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Ah interesting. How so? Neal never touched the multitrack stuff. Well weather he tried it or not who actually knows. But at least on podcast he didn't say anything because it didn't talk there. So how did it go?
If you're saying it was a dog's breakfast I can only assume not verry well. lol I haven't touched multi track and bouncing stuff on the H6 cause I'd have to use aira. I have some trouble with lighting in my room. Also for some reason the Iphone camera has a hard time with the screen. Go someware sunny enough though and it's okay. Na dude don't get me wrong. I love and wana complete my H6. It's just that the F8 and now as the F8N seems just so much closer to the dreem. Which would be 1 of them 7 recorders from Sound Devices. I see it this way. The F8N is an 8 channal XLR machine like the Sound-Devices 788-T but for way way much less. If the recording I heard made on an F4 is anything to judge buy boy these things are pretty dam realistic and movie like as you can get other than actually getting the 788-T. But yeah dude. I love my H6. It's actually too bad it's so cold and I can't go out doors. I love capturing things with it. I have plans of things to record with it.

On 1/26/2019 12:22 PM, Dane Trethowan wrote:
Okay perhaps I didn’t explain myself correctly.
The Olympus LS-100 is a quality recorder when it comes to audio recording but when it comes to multi track recording? Well its a dogs breakfast.

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Wow it's real curious to hear ya say this. Because from the comparison Neal did yes the H6 is loads better, but wow I guess having had an LS-100 you may have noted things I didn't. A toy ha? How so? I'm all ears. I'm verry curious now. Because this is how I read that statement. If someone says that to me you're basically saying that compaired to the H6 the LS-100 was only but something like the LS-7 or 1 of them DM Recorders. Verry curious indeed my friend. Please explain. Oh and the H6 did indeed sound more like a Sound Devices then the 100. I thankfully still have Neal's LS-100 review in which he did use the 744-T and I just use that segment than compair that to the H6 review in which he used the NT1-A the most and yes the H6 is quite a bit closer to the 744-T than the LS-100 was.

On 1/25/2019 10:42 PM, Dane Trethowan wrote:
Its nice to know that Zoom make a recorder to suit just about every application and every budget.
I just rid myself of my Olympus LS-100 for the simple reason that I had better machines in my collection thanks very much to Zoom, the Zoom H6 for example makes the LS-100 look like a toy.

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Dam I'm so jealous of ya 2. It would be so epic to hear an NT1-A into 1 of these things. Just to see how it holds up to the ultimate recorders the 7 recorders from Sound Devices.

On 1/25/2019 8:47 PM, Dane Trethowan wrote:
I’m not laughing and I’m very lucky I guess in that I’m curious and I get some sighted assistance every now and then to give me a hand.
Firstly the Zoom F8N stands on 4 rubber feet which are placed on the bottom of the recorder so you know where the bottom is by the feel of the rubber feet.
The top is easily identified by 4 slotted screws that hold the recorder into the rack mount.
There is a handle on each side of the recorder so when the recorder is standing on its rubber feet these each handle will be protruding from either side of the recorder.
The display of the recorder therefor is on the front left with the control panel taking up the rest of the area on the front panel.
On the left hand side you have tracks 1 through 4 as XLR/TRS inputs along with the 2 SD Card slots and the multi function USB port.
On the right hand side you have tracks 5 through 8 XLR/TRS inputs along with the external power supply socket mini XLR out sockets, a sub output socket and the headphones socket.
On the back from left to right there is the Zoom Capsule connector which has a cover over it, 2 sockets which are for Time syncing with a video camera and so on and the 9 volts DC power socket for the supplied AC adapter.
At the bottom on the recorder at the back in the centre is the screw to you losen to remove the battery compartment door so you will have to turn the recorder upside down to insert batteries.

On 26 Jan 2019, at 11:34 am, Andy via Groups.Io <> wrote:

Hi Dane and list.

Regarding my Zoom F8n, I managed to secure the assistance from the BBC Radio Scotland's, radio Operations Manager today by phone and I'm delighted that he is willing to set up my Zoom F8n for me.

This is fantastic because I don't know anyone up here in the wilderness of Scotland who could help me out.

So I'm meeting him a his work in 2 weeks time and although the setting up should be simple for him, I'm still very unsure of the device I've purchased.

I'm hoping to get my local bar maid to describe the recorder and it's buttons and also the Zoom bag that I also purchased and of course I've also got Youtube.

But I really got to ask Dane this silly question.

I've unboxed my Zoom and it looks as though it stands on it's left side vertically, however the rather large and clumsy Zoom F8n bag I purchased will only take the device laying on it's back.

So how would anyone see the display on the right edge if it's in a bag?

Dane, I'm sure will be having a good old laugh at me, as I've had the device for about 3 months now.

So please dane, be gentle with me, hahaha!

Very best wishes.


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