Re: Retiring my Zoom H1

Christopher Wright

Do the Zoom recorders have speech?

On 1/23/2019 2:35 PM, Dane Trethowan wrote:
Hi everyone,

I've had the great pleasure of using my Zoom H1 recorder for 9 years and
even though the machine is in absolutely perfect condition I've decided to
retire the machine and move on.

Actually I had 2 Zoom H1 recorders so that's how much I thought of the
machine and I still have a fondness for the H1.

To me the H1 truly stood out as an example of exactly what a Handy Recorder
should be with no complex menus and recording was as straight forward as it
possibly could have been, press a button and you're recording.

So time to move on and I'm thinking about the Zoom H1N or possibly the Zoom

I know some list members have the H1N, what do they think of the machine.

I've looked at the H1N home page and there's no doubt that the H1N certainly
packs it in when it comes to nice handy and useful functionality.


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