Re: Accessible Blu-Ray Software for Windows PC?

Hamit Campos

VLC will work. Let me explain. I guess not all keys were made accessible to it, but if you have Any DVD HD running in the background VLC is in my books right next to Media Player and Media Center in disk playback accessibility. I just haven't gotten arround to buying Any DVD. But I've been meaning to. I too ran into your problem when Power DVD 15 came along. It was no longer even usable.

On 1/21/2019 8:01 PM, Matthew Chao wrote:
Hi, Folks.  I have a Blu-Ray drive on my Dell desktop PC, and am looking for software that's accessible and will allow me to play Blu-Ray discs on my system.  I currently use Corel Pro 12, but while it can play DVD's, I can't navigate through Blu-Ray discs. Ideas, anyone?  Thanks in advance.--Matthew Chao

P.S.  VLC won't play them either, unless I go to a site for additional drivers.  My antivirus software blocks me out of there, and after my bad experiences with unknown sites, I won't take the risk.

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