Re: IOS Voice Memos App

Hamit Campos

What's that app called? Is it voice memos or just memos? I could try the stereo thing. I finally got the addaptor for my H6. Yes it does work with IPhone.

On 1/18/2019 6:26 PM, Dane Trethowan wrote:
Hi Everyone,
Have any of you tried the new Voice Memo App that has been rolling out with the later IOS updates?
I had a play with the App this morning and its very easy to use not to mention of very reasonable quality with the finished recording.
Voice Memos can sync in iCloud so you have all your memos available across your Mac and IOS devices.
The App can record in Lossless quality too and that’s been m complaint about some recording Apps for quite some time.
I have no indication yet as to whether Voice Memo can record in stereo or mono though even supposing Voice Memos could record in stereo I think most IOS devices only have mono microphones built in anyway.

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