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Christopher Wright

As someone who deals with podcast production for a living, I can give you some guidance on this.

As you said, Wordpress is often used. Once the theme is configured, you don't need to do too much messing around with it.

A Decent Wordpress-independent solution is Libsyn.

Another option is Buzzsprout.

Here's one more, Blubrry.

Although Blubrry seems to be more focused on Wordpress, compared to the other two I mentioned, I like the accessibility.


On 1/12/2019 7:13 PM, Danny Miles wrote:
Hi everyone. Apologies if this is off-topic but, as it relates to
sharing audio content, I hope it's suitable for the list.

I'm looking for advice from anyone who is totally blind regarding the
best (most accessible) places to host a podcast. Ideally, this would
be somewhere that has a set template, saving me the necessity of
checking with someone sighted whether or not changes or additions to
the page are visually appropriate. I've previously used Audioboom
(when it was Audioboo, admittedly) and Mixcloud to upload content but,
as I'm not aware of being able to share posts from either of these
platforms to iTunes via an RSS feed, they don't really meet my needs.
I know that Wordpress and related blogging servers are often used but,
as far as I understand it, these still require initial theme selection
and potentially continuous visual monitoring to ensure a professional
presentation (just like any DIY website). I thought about uploading
an audio podcast to Youtube with an image attached but, again, I don't
think content from here can be shared to iTunes (which, as far as I
understand it, is the place where most downloads come from).

So, any suggestions or guidance will be much appreciated. If the
topic is too wide or if the subject matter is irrelevant to this list,
please email me directly via

Many thanks - take care, Danny


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