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Gerardo Corripio

Where can Idownload Winamp forWindows10 if it’s OK to ask on here? I know a newer versión of Winamp Willbecome, or is available, but from where, or whatversion of Winamp do you guys use and Works OK with Windows10 and NVDA? Thanks for info, and for the tips you guys are mentioning about panning etc.

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Hi Geoff,

If I may ask, are you using either Jaws or NVDA? If you are using
Jaws, press alt+ctrl+k while in Winamp. This should centre your sound. If
you are using NVDA with the Winamp extender add-on, press shift+up arrow,
again, while you are in Winamp. This should centre the sound. If you are
using neither, in the Winamp main window, press ctrl+tab to switch windows
until you hear "winamp equalizer". If, after pressing ctrl+tab 5 times, you
don't hear Equalizer, press alt+g to open the equalizer, then press
ctrl+tab until you do hear equalizer. Now that you are in the equalizer, use
your left and right arrows to centre the sound. As you press left, the sound
will pan left, and right will pan the sound right. If you have opened the
equalizer, it may be worth closing it with another press of alt+g.
I hope that's of use.

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Hello, simply cannot remember the keystrokes to pan in Winamp. I'm hearing
everything slightly to the right, and I've tried a handful of key
combinations, but no soap.

Any and all help gratefully received.


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