Re: Winamp not in focus


Hi where do you get this plug in and how do you configure it so it works well with win amp?

I would like to know where to get this WASAPI plug-in  plug in.

On 10/21/2018 2:15 PM, Peter Russillo wrote:
Hello, I have the latest Winamp on my Windows 10 machine; I am using the WASAPI plug-in because the Nullsoft DirectSound plug-in makes the volume too low, but the WASAPI one makes the volume what it should be; however, If I hit enter on an audio file, I just hear the name of the file in the list of files; if I hit alt-f4 and up-arrow then the focus is in the file and it plays.  How do I make Winamp open and play the file by pressing Enter, as should normally happen?  I don't want to go back to the DirectSound plug-in because the volume gets lowered too much and even raising it doesn't help in that case; speaker and system volume are at 100 as they should be.  Thanks for your help in this.




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