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Mary Otten

I have to agree with you. As somebody who grew up loving to DX on the medium wave band and then later got a ham license, I love radio. But radio in the United States these days is useless. I wouldn’t spend 10 bucks on a radio. There’s nothing to listen to. Unless you come to the states, Dane, you simply can’t understand what we’re talking about. If it’s better for you in Australia, great. But here, everything is owned by big corporations and who really gives a damn? There’s no local color nothing. It’s worthless.

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Dane, you are generalizing. Some ham radio guys know the stuff and some don't. Whichever I am is no concern to anyone but me. All I am saying is:

(only an opinion); broadcast radio and TV, these days, is nothing but a vast waste land and not worth the price of any type of receiving device.

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I think you're missing the point.
This radio is a very reasonably priced and good sounding set so no matter what your radio listening habits - long distance or local - then it’s a set worth getting.
And please forgive me again but those who use Ham radio sets I've found wouldn't know a a good sensitive long distance receiver if they fell over one.
Yep I know that Kenwood are recognised for transceivers as are Uniden and a whole heap of other companies but they're not known for long distance reception of the type I'm talking about, you need nice antennas to be strung up, nothing wrong with that at all but I like to move around.

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Don't know what kind of broadcasting is done in Australia, but here in the states there isn't much that I'd turn on the radio for--no matter how good the radio be.

Being a radeo ham, I have a Kenwood TS-590S. The receiver on this one tunes continuous from the "long wave" bandup through 54 (or so) megahertz; very nicely covering the US broadcast band. With external amplification, this one can have pretty good sound. Not to take anything away from the CC radios or even the super radios; there has to be something out there that one desires to hear; or what good is it?

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Shame you feel that way as there’s plenty to recommend a radio such as this
if you’re thinking from a content perspective.
Actually one could argue that its probably better to be able to listen to
long-distance radio given the rubbish some local city stations broadcast and
then you’ll never know unless you try receiving these stations so therefore
you’ll need something good to receive them on in the first place.
So enter the CC EP Pro as a very good starting point for a most reasonable
There aren’t too many radios that come near the CC EP Pro as far as
performance these days and I’ve had my view confirmed when scanning about
the band and listening to the set earlier this morning.
Yes, you can go for all those vintage sets if you like as I myself have done
but its really not worth the bother doing that unless you know someone in
the repairs business.
Let’s take the classic GE Super Radio version II, I got one in 1990 and I
gave it away.
Now suppose I was offered one of those sets today the question then arises,
should I buy or should I settle for something else like a CC EP Pro? To me
the answer is obvious, forget about the GE Super Radio and take the CC EP
The GE Super Radio would most likely require an alignment and finding
someone to do that may take some time.
The CC EP Pro is as good as - if not a little better in some ways - as the
GE Super radio was.
The CC EP Pro is far quieter whereas the GE Super Radio was quite noisy in
The CC EP Pro in my view has a definite performance edge when it comes to
receiving those distant stations not only for the lack of noise but because
of its pinpoint accurate DSP tuning, the CC EP Pro is about as selective a
radio you’ll find anywhere.
The GE Super radio may sound a little better but the amp isn’t much good and
you’re not going to get much volume out of it.
The CC EP Pro lacks a little bottom but does have a smaller speaker.
So yes, whatever your listening habits - local or distant, AM or FM - then
the CC EP Pro is certainly worth the look, I can’t remember the exact price
of the radio now - I obviously pad to pay quite a bit more to have the unit
shipped to Australia -, the price is well under a hundred US dollars.

On 11 Oct 2018, at 4:09 am, Howard Traxler <>

Sure would have been nice to have this radio (or something like it) 60
years ago. I'm not convinced that there's anything out there worth having
a good radio for.

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Hi is this A single conversion or A duel conversion radio?
And Do you have the cc radio 2 E and do you think that this one is better
than that set?

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Hi again!
I had the pleasure of receiving my CC EP Pro AM/FM radio around half an
hour ago so I’ve been able to do some quick testing of this unit.
Firstly for the price its an absolute bargain if you’re wanting a
modern-day “Super Radio” but the radio isn’t without some annoyances.
The first is with the sound, not much bottom but enough I guess, certainly
a lot of very nice crisp top.
You have to be extremely careful how you tune this radio, you can’t go
racing up and down the dial as you can with a standard analogue type
The CC EP. is in fact a radio with an Analogue dial but tunes in steps of
9 or 10KHZ selectable and you can hear the radio step as you tune slowly
up or down the band.
If you tune too fast then you’ll miss hearing those weak signals and may
actually hear nothing at all if you tune at speed.
So that out of the way the other thing to remember is that you may not
hear a correct representation of the received signal when you first tune
there, this radio has some traits of that annoying Soft muting so wait a
second of two before passing judgement.
The next thing the user has to bare in mind is that the CC EP Pro - like
the former CC EP - has a tuneable ferrite twin coil antenna.
Normally leaving the tuning knob at its middle detent should give you
reasonable reception anywhere on the AM band but I have found that if you’re
prepared to tune about with this knob you can improve the reception
significantly, something you quickly get used to.
The next thing to note is that this radio is extremely directional, is
that good or bad? Well if you’re wanting to say nun out very weak stations
next to very strong one’s then the directionality of this portable is a
pure God Send and can make quite a dramatic difference.
What it also means is that you may have to move the radio around a little
bit to get optimal reception of your tuned station.
All that aside then the radio is still a pure joy to use, simple but yet
very affective at the job it was designed for, to enable the user to enjoy
both local and long distance AM/FM broadcast with a reasonable quality
sound not found on a lot of today’s radios.

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