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Hi is this A single conversion or A duel conversion radio?
And Do you have the cc radio 2 E and do you think that this one is better than that set?

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Hi again!
I had the pleasure of receiving my CC EP Pro AM/FM radio around half an hour ago so I’ve been able to do some quick testing of this unit.
Firstly for the price its an absolute bargain if you’re wanting a modern-day “Super Radio” but the radio isn’t without some annoyances.
The first is with the sound, not much bottom but enough I guess, certainly a lot of very nice crisp top.
You have to be extremely careful how you tune this radio, you can’t go racing up and down the dial as you can with a standard analogue type radio.
The CC EP. is in fact a radio with an Analogue dial but tunes in steps of 9 or 10KHZ selectable and you can hear the radio step as you tune slowly up or down the band.
If you tune too fast then you’ll miss hearing those weak signals and may actually hear nothing at all if you tune at speed.
So that out of the way the other thing to remember is that you may not hear a correct representation of the received signal when you first tune there, this radio has some traits of that annoying Soft muting so wait a second of two before passing judgement.
The next thing the user has to bare in mind is that the CC EP Pro - like the former CC EP - has a tuneable ferrite twin coil antenna.
Normally leaving the tuning knob at its middle detent should give you reasonable reception anywhere on the AM band but I have found that if you’re prepared to tune about with this knob you can improve the reception significantly, something you quickly get used to.
The next thing to note is that this radio is extremely directional, is that good or bad? Well if you’re wanting to say nun out very weak stations next to very strong one’s then the directionality of this portable is a pure God Send and can make quite a dramatic difference.
What it also means is that you may have to move the radio around a little bit to get optimal reception of your tuned station.
All that aside then the radio is still a pure joy to use, simple but yet very affective at the job it was designed for, to enable the user to enjoy both local and long distance AM/FM broadcast with a reasonable quality sound not found on a lot of today’s radios.

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