Re: What is permissible for this group?



almost anything related to audio hardware and software. On
the pc audio list, AM, FM SW radios etc. were discussed,
digital recorders, audio mixers, consumer home audio systems
and maybe even professional audio equipment will be OK.

As somebody mentioned on the pc audio list, audio is
disscussed on other tech e-mail lists but there's also a lot
of posts that are technically in nature but not directly
audio related. That's the type of discussion I'd like to keep
off the list. Subscribers to the pc audio list wants
information on audio but nothing else. Helps keep traffic low


** From: Colin Howard **

Tom, please can you let us know what isand is not permitted

As it is entitled "All-audio" does this mean anything to do
with audio, not only relating as did pc-audio to the use of
audio in the pc-environment is permitted?


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