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Evan Reese

Hmmm, the ripping section should be directly below the Bookmarks section of the Library, right at the bottom of the list.
I'm still using Winamp on Windows 7. If it's not there in Windows 10, I have no idea.

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From: Rob
Sent: Friday, August 10, 2018 9:52 AM
Subject: Re: [all-audio] Winamp - Help Ripping A CD

I want to rip a CD to put the tracks on my computer. I am not trying to burn a CD.

I want to use Winamp because the CD is not a commercially sold CD, but the Gracenote CD database has the song titles and other tag information.

I tried ripping it with Ez CD Audio Converter, but none of the 3 databases it uses has the song information for this CD.


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Sent: Thursday, August 9, 2018 11:51 PM
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If Winamp can burn CD's, that's news to me, since I've been using it since version 1.92. If it can, then it's a Library function, and I've never been happy with that feature and the way it is accessed and used with a screenreader. Be that as it may, I wonder if you're thinking of Windows Media Player, which *can* write a CD.

On 8/9/2018 8:17 PM, Rob wrote:
I installed Winamp on my shiny new Windows 10 machine. I entered my
name and user key to register Winamp Pro.

But I can't find anything in the Library window for ripping a CD.
Where do I look to find the drives on my local computer so I can select the CD drive.
As a note, I had a CD playing when I was searching around.

I appreciate any help.


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