Sample Rate Jeopardy!Intro Test


Here is a Sample Rate Jeopardy!Intro Test that will hopefully allow the
listener to very easily determine for themselves what sounds better to them,
a 8Kilohertz sample rate file, as compared to a 12KHz file, 16KHz file, a
22, a 24, a 32KHz file. It only goes to the sample rate of 44.1KHz other
than the source material file. so from 8KHz to 44.1KHz and then there are
also 3 .WAV files. One this source material, and the other two are just
showing the different sounds with different sample rates even in and with 0
compression .WAV files. One is 8bit and the other 16bit at 48KHz. The source
file is 16bit stereo at 48KHz with the bit rate at 1536kbps and the levels
fluctuating towards the end is kept in to assist in seeing what the sample
rate can drastically change/effect.

This is just me giving different sample rates with each of the 10 individual
sample rate test files. This will hopefully clearly allow each of you to
hear the significance of just changing the sample rate. Something that I am
sure most of you are entirely unaware of which is understandable. Listen to
each of the files and see when it truly comes clearer and what items might
become diminished what levels are best for your individual ears. at least
which levels you seem to find best because they are going to vary from
person to person without a doubt. The sample rates vary, but the bit rate
does not. Other than the .WAV files it's all at 32kbps (kilo bits per
second) .MP3 format.

If I had to choose which one would I prefer? The source material of course
otherwise, number six. The 32KHz at 32kbps sounds the best to my individual
ears again, second to the source file, but the fourth file up to the sixth
file sound decent to me and obviously all of the .WAV files sound superior
smiles and thanks for asking.

And it is named Jeopardy! Intro simply because this is what the 20 second
file actually is, just part to the beginning of Jeopardy. I was editing a
episode when I thought that this would be a decent thing to put together
that could literally allow people to see for themselves what sounds better
or worse. So I went ahead and put it together. Hopefully it turns out to be
a real ear opener and allow more of you to see what just changing the mere
sample rate alone within a given file may truly accomplish.

Beautiful Times to both you and yours and, Merry Christmas.

Sample Rate (6.15MB)

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