Re: Free or low cost mp3 merger/joiner wanted

Evan Reese

GoldWave will do that for you for free. The program does cost if you want all the functions, but it will do some stuff for free, and merging files is one of them. It's easy and accessible. I've done five file mergers so far.

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Subject: [all-audio] Free or low cost mp3 merger/joiner wanted

Hello list.

My name's Ray. I produce a weekly talking newspaper in the UK.

We are shortly to provide a podcast of the paper contained within one
mp3 file. What I would ideally like to do is combine all the .mp3 files
for the streaming version into one large mp3 for the podcast.

Would be very nice if such a program exists enabling you to navigate to
the folder containing the files and then be able to join the files from
the context menu.

So, any ideas, anyone?

Many thanks,


Sandwell TN.

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