Re: Playing from PC to HiFI Amplifier / speakers.

Joe Paton

Hello P,

if you are in the uk, take a look at the sonneteer products.

There is the bard, which connects via usb. The receiver connects to
your pre-amp.
There are alternatives in other countries for sure, so you will need to
look if outside the UK.

Alternative, a bbluetooth system would do the trick, but the bard
devices are truly HI fidelity. Better by far, and they should be for
the asking price.

On Tue, 5 Dec 2017 16:42:24 +1100
"Peter Scanlon" <> wrote:

I am seeking recommendations for devices/methods to play the music on my
computer to my hi fi amplifier/speakers, via wireless method.
Not wanting to play from cloud.


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I have this track, if I wanted to make the vocals higher, how would I do

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