Re: Oh wow! Zoom could be verry well on the way to making the F recorders accessible 1 day maybe.


I agree though, just one thing,
zoom manuals are for the most part not very useful when you want to
know sertin button layout or combinations. That could make things
difficult when you want to no how to open the settings for h1n for
example, as it don't state wich button to press when powering on.
I must say though however, that the zoom handy rec app for ios work quite well.
I plan on getting the zoom IQ7, wich should give me the same audio
quality as the H4N, and then not to worry about learning usibility for
the moment, but I will sometime have to take the plunch though.
On another note, if you want to use the same capchuals as the zoom h6,
and you don't want the h6 or to deal with difficulty, you can also get
the zoom u44, wich is compatible with those captuals and you will have
very quiet PreAmps, in an more accessible way as the u44 don't have

On 26/06/2018, Hamit Campos <> wrote:
I understand. I personally want to try and be more that guy. If only
cause I want movie set quality audio. So note to self if ya want movie
set quality ya must get an F8N and deal with what ever doesn't beap or
talk. For instance. The folder structure. How hard is that to deal with?
Remember there's 10 folders then more sub folders for each recording you
make. now the multyfile thing that's no prob. That's obvious and goes
without Neal having said it. In multi mode it's like when you extract
something with DVDAE speaker by speaker. In this case it's 1 file per
XLR. Makes sence. I'm just saying I guess I'd have to try 1 before
buying. Lone someone's recorder. Just to see. Cause I know I have gotten
disorianted without voice or music or beeps. Also I use the
accessibility word cause like I said lots of blind people I've been
around probabally wouldn't dare try. Not sympally recording. That is
just to obvious. But the menu thing. They may not wana braille down and
have to have a cheet sheet every time they wana change something. I'll
own up when younger and more imiture I was that guy. But now I want the
pro quality so bad that I say self grow up and suck it.

On 6/26/2018 8:54 AM, Dane Trethowan wrote:
To put my attitude another way.
I’ve ben using cassette recorders for 44 years and those beasts had no
menus, I had to remember to press record and play or whatever buttons I
needed for whatever functions I required so why not apply that simple
principle to modern-day equipment?
Yeah sure you get off to a shaky start sometimes but being patient and
being prepared to sometimes think outside the “Poor Blind Me” square? Well
you’d be surprised what you can come up with.

On 26 Jun 2018, at 9:58 pm, Hamit Campos <> wrote:

Ah yeah. Well in this instance I mean if they continue it could verry
well be 1 day like the first Olympus recorders. Yes these from what I've
heard from you dain and from Neal demoing them they seem to be usable. I
say seem to because I've not experienced 1 myself. Remember I get
distracted when the recorder doesn't beap. I've shut the beeper off on my
LS-14 at times when I use pre record to not get the beep in the
recordings. Meh I guess I do fine if I record and stop. but pausing is
where I get disorianted. But again you're correct Dain. If you take the
time you can get buy. Like I've also said before maybe I'm just too use
to blind devices as it were like the Plextalks. But also most blind
people I've been around. Sure there's the select few that will dare try
using something with no sounds what so ever, but it's a verry select

On 6/26/2018 5:03 AM, Dane Trethowan wrote:
I think we need to know the difference between accessible and useable
and - for the most part - Zoom recording equipment has certainly been
very useable and - by the sounds of it - continues to be so.
Really it comes back to the old story, if you can be bothered to sit
down with the particular piece of equipment you have and take 5 minutes
to read the manual and note down various aspects or explore the unit
then you’ve won 8% of battles in most cases.

On 26 Jun 2018, at 1:14 pm, Hamit Campos <>

Yeah The subject line says it almost all. I was on the page Dain sent
and I just this verry moment read about the headphone tones. You can
set tones for recording start and stop. So who knows about pause and
coming out of pause. Also for lo battery and for recording errors.
Lett's incurage this my friends. Let's motivate them. This is a sympler
start then Olympus, but hay everyone has to start someware. Right? So
more reason to go for the F8N. Man I really wish now I had the 1K.

Those of a positive and enquiring frame of mind will leave the rest of the
halfwits in this world behind.

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