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Bob Hicks

Hi Roger. I thought we were the only Seeing Hamndc company. Our group
dates back to 1936. We were originally known as the Ohio County society of
the Blind and officially became incorporated as the Seeing Hand Association
Inc. in September 1946. We were the first agency to be dedicated to
services to the blind in WV and supposedly the 10th in the USA. We didn't
add computer training until 2001 when I came aboard. We are a

We have a week long, residendual camp for 10-17 visually impaired age
students, summer camp. Our status as a not-for-profit is a burden as we
must hold many fund raisers as we don't receive any state nor federal
funding. We have an adult bowling league that meets in the fall and spring.
The bowling league has been around since 1953.My official title is "Access
Technology Specialist". I started out on Window Eyes and had to switch to
Jaws when I came to work here in 2000.

I am totally blind. I have been diabetic for 57 years(now 67) and I have
been blind for 40 years. I went to bed one night with 20/20 vision and woke
up totally blind! Sorry about getting off on a soap box. Take care

Have a great day!

Bob Hicks

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Roger R. Cusson
Computer Access Specialist
Seeing Hands Enterprises - Lisbon, Maine

TEL: (207) 353-5007
Skype Contact: rcusson

A quote to live by:
"Any program that works perfectly, simply hasn't been tested properly!"

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