Re: Amazon Prime Veteran's Discount

Jim Harvey '04 SeeYa #1507

Renewed mine this afternoon.  Went from paying monthly (to my Amazon Prime Visa) to charging the whole amount on it (more points).  There was an option to apply my accumulated points balance on the purchase as well as to set it up for a 6-month payoff on the card.  Tried both and it threw the system into a tailspin.  So...after getting into a chat session with Customer Service, I just opted to put the entire renewal on the card and pay it off, no doubt, next billing period.  Good for another year of free next day (or same day...we live pretty close to the fulfillment center) delivery.  That alone is worth the subscription to Prime.  Prime Music and Prime Video are awesome included perks as well.

Jim Harvey
Jacksonville, Florida
Tel: (904) 307-7762 (Leave a voicemail - I'll call you back.)
2004 See Ya model 1004 40' #1507


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