Re: Lost coolant side of road

Alfa 4078 (Dave Rypma) 06 SYG

If you add antifreeze that has compatible (or no) additives, you're OK. If the additives are not compatible, you will potentially have significant issues. So you really need to know what's in there in order to know what to add. Safest is to use distilled water or antifreeze with no additives. But take care how long you run that way! The additives prevent cavitation which can destroy cylinder linings (not sure what impact this would have on the CATs without linings).
Dave Rypma
2006 SYG #4078
On 2019-11-10 20:46, Greg Barker via Groups.Io wrote:

I read somewhere that we are suppose to use a special antifreeze. I already put a gallon of full strength automotive antifreeze in. 
Anyone know if it will damage it?
I can eventually drain it when I get to Nebraska......1200 miles away.

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