Re: Urgent! If you know call me!

Robert Cassels

I blew a hose clamp about 30 miles out of Richfield, UT.  I was able to get some help from Coach Net to find a Diesel Repair Shop and nursed it into Richfield.  Small shop that was really great.  Replaced the clamp, cleaned the radiator, filled it with antifreeze and had us back on the road by noon.  Hope you find some help.  BTW – I too carry a couple of gallons of antifreeze with me.


Bob revump 06 SYA #4162


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You're not alone! I carry 2 gallons of antifreeze. And 3 or 4 gallons of distilled water (good for drinking, coolant and batteries if you have FLAs). I could not have satisfied a 6 gallon loss!

Dave Rypma
2006 SYG #4078

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And I thought 5 gallons was more than enough to carry with us
Guess not



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