Re: Entry door lock

jim overton '04 gold #2205

Thank you Dave. I found it there later. 

On Nov 10, 2019, at 08:30, Alfa 4078 (Dave Rypma) 06 SYG <alfa4078@...> wrote:

 I posted the instructions for installing the latch in the Files section of the forum (in a folder called "Entry Door Documentation")..
Dave Rypma
2006 SYG #4078
On 2019-11-10 09:36, jim overton '04 gold #2205 wrote:
I didn’t receive installation instructions with the new handle that I received from LCW.  Al and Sue posted them. The main thing was following the installation instructions. #5 on the assembly did it for me. I did not remove the old striker. Hope this answers the questions. 

Thanks again for your help. 


On Nov 9, 2019, at 18:40, bemills 05 SYG #2999 <brian-mills@...> wrote:


If you wouldn't mind, could share what you did to fix it. Those tid bits of info are sometimes the gem that another will need for a similar problem.

Brian Mills
05 SYG  72999

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