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Release 1700

  • Source Panel --> when using AIRSPY source, if you check the SpyVerter option leave PPM set to 0.00.
    Select Linearity and initially set Gain slider to 8.
  • checking the Bias-Tee option enables DC out from the Airspy RF input connector to power a Spyverter.
    Enable only when a Spyverter is connected.
  • disabling Bias-Tee with Spyverter connected does not auto-bypass the converter.
  • to calibrate the Airspy+Spyverter combo, change the Shift value in the Radio Panel 10 Hz or so at a time.
    Adjusting the Zoom slider or enabling the Zoom FFT will be helpful.
    Alternatively, set the Enable Audio option in the Zoom FFT panel, and tune WWV/CHU (or similar) 1 kHz low.
    Select USB in the Radio Panel, and adjust the Shift value until the carrier beat note is exactly 1 kHz.