locked sticky Reporting problems / seeking community help


The problem:

I remarked we have been spending a lot of time lately on problems that could be solved with much less effort if we all agree to adopt a minimum of discipline. As this mailing list grows, there will be less and less people interested in reading about problems they have already discussed, solved, and beaten to death in this same mailing list. Here's a quick reminder for everyone having problems with SDR software and computers.

Unless you describe exactly what you are doing, in which context, with the exact hardware and software configuration, the odds of someone giving helpful advice are close to zero. The social media (and mailing lists) have the undesirable ability to amplify noise because there are naturally more people who have opinion than people who have actual knowledge. So please, read this post carefully.

What do I do first?

  • Use common sense.
  • Determine if it is a support topic or a general discussion: Airspy Hardware related => Contact the support; Everything else goes to the list.
  • For support related questions, prepare your list of "Steps to Reproduce" and send it by mail to The Support.
  • For general discussion/best practices, try to avoid duplicates: Use the search bar to find an existing topic/answer/advice that solves your problem or improves your life.
  • Don't jump on other's threads. Statistically, "Mee too" is never an actual "Mee Too". You are just making things difficult for all.
  • Use separate threads for separate problems. A "segfault" has nothing to do with the noise from your Plasma TV or PC PSU.
  • Try to keep the content technical. People from different cultures will read and ignore your untranslatable joke, but will definitely understand the tech stuff.

How to report a problem: Steps to Reproduce
  • Be precise
  • Include exact data used during testing for easy reference, including hardware, OS and user software versions
  • The steps have to be in the exact order
  • Mention pre-requisites when applicable: Software dependencies, glibc, modified kernel, etc.
  • Do not write composite steps. The devil is in the detail.
  • Always recheck your steps to reproduce on a new system with the default configuration
  • Make sure the sentences are short and unambiguous

Thanks for reading to the end!