IQ streaming and recording #sdrsharp

Randy Rich

1. I just received an Airspy HF+ dual port yesterday. I have it up and running with SDR#. I'm trying to get IQ streaming working as quickly as I can. I just want to stream IQ to the laptop that the HF+ is connected to for additional processing. I do not need to stream across the internet. Are there any good manuals, tutorials, videos that describe how to do this?

2. I reloaded the Community version of SDR# and found a better plugin that allows me to record baseband IQ, so ignore previous request for help. I still need help/advice re. streaming IQ.

Any suggestions appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Zacharias Liangas

I have also the question if there is any standalone program to play and analyze IQ files with the abilityi to extract Audio in a given frequency