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I believe the dsd_tcp plugin only works with the latest public version. Is there a tcp plugin that would work with Dsdplus fastlane versions? Or is there anyone that can modify the current dsd_tcp plugin to work with fastlane?

Peter Hubinsky

I was in contact with author: Василий Беляков in Latin Vasiliy Belyakov <belvasi@...> and he is willing to modify the dsd_tcp plugin, but I will quote him "Plugin and DSDPlus communications use "encoded" communication. Need info for fastlane version about coding."

I was as a registered (paid) user written to dsdplusfastlane@... with request to help, but got no answer instead of recommendation to use their own software FMPA and FPT24, I will quote them: "We do not have any plans to do this. The SDR programs (FMPA and FMP24) included with DSD+ do not meet your needs?"

Maybe somebody else can help :-)