Discovery stopping at various intervals


Turns out Windows 10 changed my power settings on the USB Root Hubs to turn off. Changed the setting and everything seems good again.


On 11/2/2019 2:06 AM, Keith wrote:
Switched to the HF+ and the same issues.  Even took the PA0RDT offline.
CPU usage was low throughout the whole time (under 10%).
On 11/2/2019 1:27 AM, Keith wrote:
Tonight Discovery started stopping at various intervals.  Sometimes every 5 minutes sometimes a little longer. Been trying to monitor Navtex tonight.  I've swapped out USB ports, USB cables and still the same. The Device is showing in Device Manager.  I've rebooted a couple of times too.  Still the same.  The only changes I made tonight was hooking up the PA0RDT antenna (took the Wellbrook offline for now).  I run the PAR0DT and my big loop through the DX Engineering Phaser NCC1. The only change there is swapping the PA0RDT instead of the Wellbrook.

Hingham MA