Audio Output to Headphones and Other Program

Mike Jackson

I've invested in a nice pair of noise cancelling bluetooth headphones and with SDR# and it's noise reduction tools work very well in my shack and most of the time all I hear in between transmissions is my breathing!  However, with bluetooth audio selected I lose the option to send audio to my other programs for decoding i.e. PCHFDL and MultiPSK.

Is there a technological solution to this other than binding myself by cable to the output of my laptop and using Windows mixer.  I scoot across the floor in my chair to do other things every now and then and thought wireless headphones would be a good idea. 

I don't seem to be able to send audio from SDR# to two different locations, drat!


Send the audio to a virtual cable to your other programs, then go under the windows audio settings of the audio cable virtual device and check "Listen". Select your BT device as output.

Mike Jackson

Of course!  I did have a VAC set up but was the wrong one with 'Trial' spoken at regular intervals so I downloaded a different one and it all works now, thanks Youssef.