Arduino SRL Bossa Program Port

William Higinbotham

My Microsoft Update program on my Hp laptop offers Optional update for Arduino SRL Bossa Program Port.
Is this associated with the Airspy HF+ Discovery and should I install/update it. I updated the Airspy Firmware without incident.
The manual does not state what drivers are associated with the Airspy HF+ Discovery so we are puzzled when items that we are not aware of shows up.
These days when systems are being compromised left and right, we all are reluctant to install anything Microsoft or other manufacturers/companies offers us unless we know from manufacturers/companies these are for their products.
Airspy is not described as an Arduino single board incorporated unit. All the descriptions from Airspy states that it has a processing unit. I search The Big Book v4 for either Arduino or Bossa, nothing shows up.
Thank You


Microsoft decided for you that all the devices using Atmel MCUs are Arduino boards. This terrible generalization reflects the poor understanding and selfishness of the guys maintaining the drivers at Microsoft. Do we need to document that as well? We will need two more books to list all the possible mistakes software vendors can do. The solution is to cry louder as a Microsoft customer to get as much attention as Arduino kids.