Airspy HF+ Duo and Raspberry Pi 4 #raspberrypi

Hi Andy

I hade to install the user mode driver for HF+. You will find that via the following link, along with instructions on how to install on Linux.

And to configure the spyserver.config right (see attached file)

I'm not a Linux Expert.

Best 73 de HB9RYZ



First, make sure you are have the latest version of libairspy installed.
  • How to build the host software on Linux. Open a terminal window and type:
cd airspyhf-master
mkdir build
cd build
sudo make install
sudo ldconfig
  • Clean CMake temporary files/dirs:
cd airspyhf-master/build
rm -rf *
  • Close the terminal window and open a new one. Download and extract the standard ARM package and run:
wget -O spyserver.tgz
tar xzf spyserver.tgz
./spyserver spyserver.config
(you can edit spyserver.config with any text editor, to suit your needs and setup)
  • Make the spyserver executable:
sudo chmod +x spyserver
Running Spy Server as a Service
The first step is to create a new file called spyserver.service and save it in /etc/systemd/system/.
The simplest way to do this is using nano as follows:
sudo nano /etc/systemd/system/spyserver.service
Now enter the following text into the file and save it (Ctl x y Enter):
Description=Spy Server
ExecStartPre=/bin/sleep 15
ExecStart=/home/pi/./spyserver spyserver.config
You can now start, stop and check the status of Spy Server with the following commands:
sudo systemctl start spyserver.service
sudo systemctl stop spyserver.service
sudo systemctl status spyserver.service
The following command will activate the service to automatically start at boot time:
sudo systemctl enable spyserver.service