moderated sticky FMSuite 2.3 Common Problems #update #troubleshooting


A few problems have arisen when some people install and use FMSuite v2.3.  To aid in troubleshooting, please note these and ensure that they are not the cause of any issues you are having.  Also refer to the Troubleshooting section of the User’s Guides.

First off, DO NOT INSTALL DOWNLOADED FMSUITE INTO THE COMMUNITY VERSION OF SDR#.  Sorry to shout but people aren't reading the installation instructions.  Wait for CE to provide the newest version of FMSuite.

Problem: You see an error message regarding opening a database.


  • Windows often blocks applications downloaded from the internet.  When installing the software did you perform step 4 under “New Installation” in the Read Me First document?  If not, delete the FMSuite folder and start over with a new installation and be sure to follow the instructions closely to remove the Windows block.
  • The database file may be in use by Windows or by some other program (anti-virus, backup program, etc.)  Reboot your computer and try to start SDR# again. 
  • The FMSuite folder contains a subfolder named “x86”.  Some people mistakenly delete that folder thinking that since they are running 64-bit Windows the x86 folder is not needed, but that is not the case; it is required.  Do not delete anything from the FMSuite folder.


Problem: SDR# loads properly after installing FMSuite, but you can’t see its plugins in the SDR# “hamburger” menu.

Cause: SDR# now has all third-party plugins in a submenu named “Plugins”.  Look there for FMSuite plugins.


Problem: SDR# crashes when started.  One or more error messages related to FMSuite are displayed.

Cause: One cause is the installation of FMSuite v2.3 into the Community Plugins package by Rodrigo Pérez, which already contains FMSuite v2.2.  As stated in the Read Me First document, do not install FMSuite into the Community plugins package.


Problem: Using the Data Tools Wizard, importing a generic file fails with the error message “Line X has less than 35 columns”.

Cause:  The documentation for importing generic files did not get updated for that 35th column.  In your generic file, add another value at the end of each row.  It is named “SpectrumDisplay” and you can add the data “,0” (without quotes and with a zero).  The documentation has been corrected.  I apologize for any confusion.


Problem: Descriptions of frequencies on the spectrum no longer works.

Cause: As described in the User’s Guide, a new feature is the ability to selectively show some frequencies’ descriptions using the Edit window to checkmark that option.  In other words you have to enable "Show descriptions of frequencies on the spectrum" in Preferences and then mark every frequency whose description you want to see using the Edit window.  You may use the Bulk Edit feature of the Browse window to enable multiple frequencies at once.


As always feel free to email me at sdrs.freqmgr [at] with questions or problems.  Thanks for trying my software.


Jeff N8GJL