Intel or AMD #poll-notice


What do you use for your day to day SDR listening?


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David L. Wilson

Some of us use both AMD and INTEL.  AMD on my Desktop and Intel on the laptop in the car.  Both run AirSpys with SDR#.
I did not vote as none of those choices apply.



Zacharias Liangas

My old PC  of 2012 is an AMD used sparingly for very special (hard core ) jobs  while for  everyday- if I m home- is a Intel laptop with the SDRs used of nearly the half computer time.
I am a hard core DXer.
The other days I m using my smartphone!

David Eckhardt

Likewise.  I use both AMD and INTEL as well.

Dave - WØLEV

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Dave - WØLEV
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Brendan Wahl

The day to day PC here is an Intel i7-9700K, 32GB RAM, WIN10 Home 64bit on NVME drive, has EVGA GTX-1070ti card, self-built during lockdown earlier this year.

For semi-portable use, I have an HP Pavilion about 3 yrs old, with an AMD A10-9600P with R5 integrated GPU, 12GB RAM, Win10 Home 64bit on HD.

Generally I have no problems using the 'clean' version of SDR#. Installing is also a non-issue. Any issues have usually been attributable to PEBKAC in the end.

As an aside, I also use Simon's SDR-Console, and his recent work at integrating AMD GPU support did pay off for my laptop by shifting about 5-10% off of the CPU to the GPU. Every little bit helps.

Brendan WA7HL